One tiny family on a voyage into the great unknown, following after the heart of God.  We seek the adventure He has in store for us in the mission to further His kingdom.  Everything we do and all that we are is in pursuit of Him (or at least we hope it to be).  We want to share this voyage with any who will join – from the very greatest to the least of these, we believe Christ came for all who will receive the gift of His grace.  When you choose to receive that grace, you are joining our adventure.  And therefore, we VOYAGE TOGETHER!


Bri:  Nurture comes naturally to this Momma of one.  She felt a call into ministry while in high school.  Although the idea of what ministry looks like has changed a few times over the years, she has never stopped listening to the direction God leads.  Currently, she serves as the Change for Life Coordinator and Educator at a local pro-life ministry (for those interested, check it out here).  Bri is often a victim of the infamous Netflix binge and is a lover of all things sushi.

Justin: While his day job is being the projects manager for a pretty sweet landscape company, his true passions are being a daddy and soaking up all he can about the desires God has for us.  His heart lies in young adult ministry and is a big part of the reason we are on the path we are currently.  He is fearless and determined and ready to face whatever God sends our way.  Justin is a self-titled plant geek, spending any free time he has cultivating bonsai trees in our kitchen window.  And unless you speak Latin, don’t try asking him what kind of plant that is.

Little Miss: Our first munchkin (of a hopeful 3 or 4 or…..).  She is fiercely independent and incredibly cheesy.  Currently 18 months old, her favorite things are reading, Mommy, and her uncle’s dog, Chey-Chey.   She inherited fearlessness from her Daddy and walking into walls from her Momma.  We cannot wait to see the plans God has for her.

From our family to yours – adventure is out there!  God is waiting for you to become a part of the story so that we can VOYAGE TOGETHER.  Want to know more, email us at voyagetogetherblog@gmail.com


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